Solar PV Takes Centre Stage

There are fewer things that define ‘Britishness’ as much as a chat about the weather. Almost guaranteed after pleasantries have been exchanged will be a comment, opinion, remark or more likely good old moan about the recent prevailing conditions that we’ve endured.

Most recently the sun has taken centre stage. Beaming down on our great country with a ferocity not often seen on these shores, classifying Brighton in the same breath as Bangkok and St Albans with Seville. We’ve had bare tops galore, insides of cars that feel like a sauna and the underlying feeling that when it comes to temperatures of 30+degrees, we tend to melt a little under the heat.

Not only has it been busy scorching lawns and creating conversation, it’s also found the time to help smash records in the world of renewable energy. On Friday 26th May, solar power smashed through previous records and provided nearly a quarter of the UK’s energy needs and when joined by its friends from wind farms and nuclear power stations it meant that over 60% of the UK’s power supply was low carbon. Duncan Burt, head of control room operations at the National Grid was excited and inspired enough to call it the “beginning of a new era”.

An era it would seem that more and more people in the UK are clamouring to be a part of. The air conditioning in our office has been handy to cool down the heat of our phones as enquiries roll in for solar panels and solar batteries on a daily basis. There’s a misconception in some quarters that due to the reduction in the Feed-in Tariff, Solar PV doesn’t stack up any more. However, with the ability to benefit from £662 per year and a payback period of seven years, the doomsayers could not be more wrong. A combination of a reduction in the cost of the technology and the great value we offer, means the cost of a 4kW, 14-panel solar system comes to £4,750, including 10 year warranties on the panels, 12 years for the inverter and two years for the labour.

So, as certain Governments continue to try to reverse the unstoppable rise of renewable energy, the choice for the individual becomes eminently clearer. Solar power and low carbon energy is here to stay. Alongside the potential yearly benefit, the opportunity to live more sustainably presents itself as a more affordable choice that is proving more and more difficult to ignore.

To join the solar panel revolution and ensure the sun becomes more than just a part of your daily conversation, visit us and fill in the contact form for a free, no obligation survey.